Golden Oldies 

HERA 1.jpg


DOB 05/09/2011

Located QLD


Miss  Pumba has had a very rough start, she came into rescue riddled with heartworm, after months  and months of   very painful treatments,  she again had to endure more as she needed surgery to remove mammary tumours.

Her foster carer Laura is  amazing,  she has  held her paw  every step of the way. It so great to see  Pumba now living happy and healthy in retirement

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DOB  09/11/2009


Located NSW


Shelley  has been in and out of rescue for many years, she is such a sweetie, Used to be a working pets for therapy dog. She is  now living the life of luxury, with her  many fur siblings

  AABR would like  to  thank Tracy and he family for taking such  amazing care of our Golden Oldie, and giving her the home she deserves 

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D.O.B: Unknown (rescue date 19/05/2020)

approx 8 yrs old.

Located Gold Coast.

Corby was found as a stray and there is no information from his past. Corby came to rescue with gum disease very bad arthritis and a beautiful caring heart, he  just loves his foster mum Jodie who  we are greatfull too for caring for this darling boy.

Corby is an absolute sweety pie, he can't walk far and spends a lot of time lounging due to  his arthritis, and recently diagnosed heart disease, and kidney issues.  Medications for these diseases are very expensive, please consider donating towards my care



D.O.B: 16/01/2012

Located Brisbane

CHICO - a sweet 9 year old boy , deemed with so many issues that he found himself left at the pound with no love in sight – Thanks to his wonderful Foster family they have  showed him all the love that a bully needs and have made this boy the happiest kid on the block. He now has his own retirement home, where he can be loved and spoilt. He now spends his days playing in the sandpit with his little human shadow. He is now safely in our care as a Golden Oldie and will love the rest of his life with love

Tuffy 2.jpg

TUFFY - ( MR T )

D.O.B: 09/09/2012

Located QLD

MR T Is a 9yr old blind bully, who lived a hard life on the streets. He came to us from a boarding facility which he spent nearly 6 months, his health was deteriorating both mentally and physically. Tuffy is a dear sweet boy that needs all the love in the world. He is needy and just loves the attention of people and suffers separation anxiety. He has been fostered with the most wonderful family who absolutely adore him. He is a great companion dog for them. He dislikes walks, but loves lounging on the couch with his human brother. Due to his blindness and other health issues he will be on medication for the rest of his life

Zepplin 2.jpg


D.O.B: Unknown (rescue date 21/07/2021)

Approx 8 years old

Located Brisbane

Let us introduce Zepplin AKA Zeppy, he is 8 years old and sadly was unable to remain in the home he loved. He is a really lovely fellow but will need to be an only pet as he prefers to be the one and only pet in the house. He enjoys other dogs company when he is out and about but need to be the master of his own realm when at home. Due to Zeppy’s has Hypothyroidism and Allergies, he requires ongoing medication and a specialised diet he has become part of the GOLDEN OLDIES RETIREMENT PLAN (full Rescue support) Our dear boy Zeppy has found his forever Golden Oldie home Everyone is so happy for our boy to be able to settle into life, love and routine - He has found himself the most amazing FamBully, that he just adores and together they make a very special family, with that special bond



D.O.B: 02/10/2016

Located NSW

At just 5 years old , this handsome and loving boy was surrendered as his owner could not afford the cost for bowel obstruction surgery. Once in our care we found that both his ears have chronic yeast infection that has not been treated, Tank shakes his head which has caused a hematoma- also left untreated. Very deep skin infection in his legs, and small part of his tummy, vet said appears to have not been treated either , his rear legs are very swollen, bleeding and painful. Vet plan is long term ongoing treatments , monthly injections , there is a possibility that it will not clear completely due to the length of time it has been like this.

He has found a loving family who lets him be himself, but also gives him lots of Bully cuddles and kisses. Due to Tanks ongoing and long term medical needs rescue has decided to make him a Golden Oldie - we cover all ongoing costs