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Golden Oldies 




DOB  03/11/2019


Located NSW





DOB  09/11/2009


Located NSW


Shelley  has been in and out of rescue for many years, she is such a sweetie, Used to be a working pets for therapy dog. She is  now living the life of luxury, with her  many fur siblings

  AABR would like  to  thank Tracy and he family for taking such  amazing care of our Golden Oldie, and giving her the home she deserves 

Please click on my pic to donate towards my care 



DOB 25/11/202

Rusty is 10 years young - due to a marital breakdown his family can no longer keep him - He is a dear sweet boy who is great with kids, and is dog friendly - He has skin issues that require treatment - Thank you Parris for opening your home to Rusty so he can enjoy the rest of his life running and playing on your property.

Rescue supports all our Golden Oldies for life and pays for all ongoing medical bills 

Black Bella 1.jpg



D.O.B: 08/03/2014

Located South Australia

Our little girl Bella has had a hard life. She is a really gorgoeus girl but will need to be an only pet as he prefers to be the one and only pet in the house. She enjoys other dogs company when she is out and about but need to be the princess of his own realm when at home. Due to Bella's allergies, she requires ongoing medication and a specialised diet he has become part of the GOLDEN OLDIES RETIREMENT PLAN (full Rescue support)

Se has found himself the most amazing FamBully, that just adores her and together they make a very special family, with that special bond



D.O.B: 09/09/2012

Located QLD

MR T Is a 9yr old blind bully, who lived a hard life on the streets. He came to us from a boarding facility which he spent nearly 6 months, his health was deteriorating both mentally and physically. Tuffy is a dear sweet boy that needs all the love in the world. He is needy and just loves the attention of people and suffers separation anxiety. He has been fostered with the most wonderful family who absolutely adore him. He is a great companion dog for them. He dislikes walks, but loves lounging on the couch with his human brother. Due to his blindness and other health issues he will be on medication for the rest of his life

Tank 2.jpg



D.O.B: 02/10/2016

Located NSW

At just 5 years old , this handsome and loving boy was surrendered as his owner could not afford the cost for bowel obstruction surgery. Once in our care we found that both his ears have chronic yeast infection that has not been treated, Tank shakes his head which has caused a hematoma- also left untreated. Very deep skin infection in his legs, and small part of his tummy, vet said appears to have not been treated either , his rear legs are very swollen, bleeding and painful. Vet plan is long term ongoing treatments , monthly injections , there is a possibility that it will not clear completely due to the length of time it has been like this.

He has found a loving family who lets him be himself, but also gives him lots of Bully cuddles and kisses. Due to Tanks ongoing and long term medical needs rescue has decided to make him a Golden Oldie - we cover all ongoing costs


DOB: 20/12/2016

Eric is a true gentleman - he has no vices
at 6 years young he has so much love to give
He loves all people - is very sweet and gentle
He does have some skin issues that are nearly resolved
as well as a large lump behind his left ear - we have had a FNA and done a biopsy which has come back clear, it is classed as extra muscle , but cannot be removed due to its location and tissue connectivity
Thank you Nic for taking Eric in and giving him his forever Foster home

Golden Oldies are cared for by rescue for the term of their life

Bonez & Bella.jpg

Welcome to rescue Bones and Bella - After a long journey they have made it - Thank you Jay for being such an awesome human and taking this pair in and giving them so much love and kindness xx Sadly they presented a little different to what we expected Bonez has major skin issues, incl sun cancers, he needs dental work, he has suspected dry eye, bad feet - Miss Bella has minor skin issues, but has a large growth coming from her centre back. Initial consultation with the dermatologists went well Dr Dani feels he has a few ongoing problems.

** Atopic Dermatitis

** Solar dermatitis

** Deep Pyoderma

** Multiple skin cancers

They both required The estimate for the diagnosis, hospital stay and biopsies and ongoing medicines and treatment We are desperate for funds If you could please spare a couple of $$ to help us with Bonez's specialist treatment - that would be greatly appreciated.

Oscar 2.jpg

Our newest Golden Oldie is in need of some financial help please

Oscar arrived in my care 24/02/22 - with multiple issues- gradually working through those issues, his mange went away, he gained weight, he became most loving boy not a bad bone in his body.

Just when you think you have done wonders, you get hit with a brick. Tuesday 13/12/22 the devastating news he was diagnosed with early stage Lymphoma - We started treatment immediately, also a cancer superfood diet, and supplements with a checkups weekly moving forward - This poor little boy needs your help

Bella white 2.jpg

We welcome another Bella to rescue, What a darling soul she is , not a bad bone in her body , my heart breaks for her You would have seen her lump from her foster post, but is worse in real life she has another 2 lumps on the inside of her back leg - and another lump on her foot, she has a lot of staining from being chained up and living in her own mess for most of her life, poor darling is also incontinent - Massive thank you to Helen for taking her in and providing emergency care until we could get her into rescue. After several lengthy vet visits, she has started her road of recovery. She had that ghastly lump removed, a couple of cancers poor love was a bit sore last night and wasn't in the mood for photos - today she is a little more herself - She is such a delightful soul - Thank you so much to those that donated to her care, thank you for supporting rescue and rescue dogs in care



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