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This girl is just delightful - Her mum has made a lovely video of her -she is a very relaxed easy going gal, gentle, kind not destructive, adaptable to inside / ourside, but really she loves her inside bed, A girls got to have her comforts you know. Daisy has good basic maners, she is house trained, she loves ALL her humans, both big and small

She has lived with, Alpacas, Goats, Cows, Horses - But she doesnt like other dogs

# No dogs / Cats

She does have minor skin issues, which is controlled by diet

Sadly her mum, who has had her since a puppy, is going overseas, so Miss Daisy needs a new family to love her, Ideally the sooner we get her settled the better

Please complete the foster form by following the link above

** Fence checks need to be completed

Located Hervey Bay QLD

Daisy 3.png

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