BOY - 1 yr 2 months - Dubbo NSW

!!!ON TRIAL!!!

M/CHIP: 982126050237521

Boy loves and craves human attention, great dog inside and out. Bit of a chatter box. Good with all people, needs supervision around younger children, and he does jump up sometimes. Great around other dogs. Has basic manners. Not a digger or a jumper, but can be a little chew destructive, especially on the toys he loves so much.
Boy is fully vaccinated and desexed.

Boy is available for interstate adoption. But please be aware that transport fees are paid by the adopter.

Adoption fee $480

MARLEY - 2 years old - NSW

M/CHIP: 956000010296098

Marley is such a soft and gentle girl, that has no vices at all.

Very loving to all people

Loves lounge snuggles, Crate trained which must have a big snuggly comfy bed and blanky, her pink poodle has needs 🙃

She would be best suited as a companion dog to someone who is home full time

She is dog friendly and would happily live with a calm male but NO CATS

Marley can get anxious with storms and loud noises, but she has a thunder shirt, and can settle quickly if inside in her crate

Marley did have bad spinning issues but this has drastically reduced, if she is in the company of people she doesn’t spin at all, it’s only when left alone.

If you feel you are the right mummy or daddy for her please complete an adoption application form

Adoption fee $480

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