Applications open for NSW.

Beautiful Livvy is our pint sized cutie pie.

Full of energy and is a super sweet girl. 

Our dear sweet Livvy didn't have the greatest start and she wears the scars to prove it, they show an unknown story of what happened we will never know. 

Livvy came to rescue emaciated, shut down and ripped to pieces, she had been dumped and was unable to move, she was almost gone, she had given up the fight. 

Since coming to rescue Livvy has healed, learned to trust and love.

Livvy is now a happy bright and funny dog who has come such a long way and after many months of rehabilitation, she is ready for the next part of her journey, a forever home. 

She needs a companion, someone to adore and treasure her. Livvy has learned to trust other dogs and is now enjoying their company. She needs someone with patience and a kind heart. This super cutie pie will melt your heart, she is a real little doll. 


Beautiful Charlie girl needs her furever home.... Adoption and/or foster available.

Located Qld..


Charlie is a pint sized pupper that thinks she wants to pack a punch, she can get easily distracted by other animals and will need some training, we will help.


Must be an only dog home.


Charlie is amazing with people, loves cuddles, playing, and spending time with her special people. If you are looking for a best mate, Charlie is your girl.

Charlie is a family dog and is an inside dog. She likes outside but prefers to be part of a family.

Miss Charlie needs someone that will spend time with her to make her feel safe. Bully experience is desirable.


Charlie is 5 years old and was rescued from a back yard breeder at 18 months old, she was mistreated by other dogs and humans, she has some issues with other animals which is why she feels the need to protect herself...


Can you stand by Charlie on her journey?


As always we will always be there for support, we want the best for all our babies.


Please contact us for enquiries.


5 years old

Applications closed - on trial 

Through no fault of his own beautiful Moby (KB) needs to be rehomed.

Mobys Daddy works away a lot and simply doesn’t have the time he once had.

Moby loves people and is good with basically everyone, he is learning to like small dogs but has some trust issues with bigger dogs.

Moby is a very special boy who will need to be an inside dog with an open door policy, he is a family dog. He is afraid of big noises and will need reassuring and comfort.

Moby has a special toy that he will spend all day playing with, he loves walks but is strong so his training for this will need to continue.

His Daddy has done an amazing job with him so far, Moby was anti social a year ago, he has come a long way.

Moby had a rough start and has been in the system his whole life. If you want a best mate and companion, Moby is that guy!….

Please help us, he is a sweet boy who has a lot of love to give.

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