M/CHIP: 956000010280575

ON TRIAL - Applications closed at the moment. 

Dixie is a lovable dog who still has a sassy playful side to her.

Dixie was found as a stray and no one came for her. Dixie is a super sweet loving girl who likes other dogs.

Dixie loves going on walks but must be mindful as she will pull on her lead, so she needs positive dominance and reinforced training.

Dixie may be suited to a home as an only dog as we are not sure of where she came from or what her life was like, so all we ask is that she is given the best possible home with lots of love and treated as part of the family. We are not sure what she is like with young children and may jump.  Dixie can be a little boisterous and overwhelming if not in the right hands and does need some training.

This sweet girl loves with all her heart and would make a wonderful companion for someone who will spend time with her and treat her as an only child. 

Adoption fee $480



M/CHIP: 982000365137895

4 years old
24 kilos
Super strong and energetic

ESCAPE ARTIST, needs more than average fencing, can tunnel like a mole. Will need a home with concrete barrier or similar.

Read that again as it’s very important she cannot get out!

Needs a strong handler, responds well to an authoritative figure.
Beautiful girl who loves HARD, loves hugs , couch snoozes, fully crate trained and toilet trained.

Successful applicants would be able to provide lots of love, no children unless they were older and strong, able to withstand knocks and bumps because she is a energetic dog, will knock a 70 kilo person over like a matchstick.

Looking for a home where someone is not away from the house often and when home will include her in EVERYTHING. Not an outside left in yard arrangement.

Strong pull on the lead but she has come a long way and needs someone capable and driven to continue her training.

Walks needed EVERYDAY. To release some of this energy.
Travels well in the car, loves camping, social events out, rarely barks.
Is a big softy no guard dog.

Not tested with furry friends like cats or birds

Ultimately the best home will have no dogs. She can perhaps integrate with another dog but it would have to be a special circumstance to consider this .



M/CHIP: 982000167728849



Corby is one of our very special rescues who is part of our golden oldie program. Corbs came to rescue as a stray, surrendered by the wonderful team from AWL. We have no background information on this beautiful boy, what we do know is that he is a very caring, gentle and placid boy, a total gentleman.

Corby will need a companion, someone who wants a dog that sits by their side, follows you around the house and loves you completely with minimal fuss. 

Corby loves other dogs and cats, he is a super placid dog that doesn't go far, he can't, Corby has very bad arthritis in his legs, notably his back ones are very bad, he has gum disease and anemia,  which he has received treatment for.

He cant walk far, very small spurts, he loves car rides and watching the world wizz by from the window, he loves the front seat... 

Corby will need to be 100% inside dog, open door policy to the yard and must be a companion dog for someone who is home a lot or all the time.

Corby is toilet trained, not super keen on the crate but has voluntarily gone in for a rest with the door open. 

Corby receives medicine and supplements for his condition and we will require a forever foster to administer TLC for the rest of his life.  

Rescue will assist in the daily care for Corby, medicinal, veterinary, supplements and some food (regular diet).

If you think you are a perfect match for Corbin, please complete an adoption form..

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