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Clicker Training - The Basics


You can purchase a clicker from most pet shops. Purchase one with a
training book included if this is available.

Using a ‘Buzz’ word such as ‘come’ in a clear and even toned voice. Your
dog will come when called by you to this instruction for a piece of
chicken/liver or other tasty morsel.

1) On coming to you he gets a ‘click’ from the clicker and the
treat at the same time.
This should be done initially when he is relaxed and happy at home. It
should be repeated to such a degree (eg at every TV ad break) that it
becomes a conditioned response. Each time he is given the ‘buzz’ word he
responds by coming to you for a ‘click’ and treat.

Once he has mastered this then;

2) Use the ‘click’ and buzz word together still click and treat
together When he reaches you ‘Click’ again and treat at the
same time.
Repeat this often until he has mastered this in the house 100% of the
time daily for week.

3) Now you can try to introduce recall using the clicker outside
and in all kind of situations without other stimuli present.
Repeat this often until he has mastered this 100% of the time daily for

4) Now use recall when he’s near other people but not too

Repeat this often until he has mastered this 100% of the time daily for a





You must always use the same ‘buzz’ word. Eventually the click will be
the only signal needed and you can do away with the word. It may be
worth continuing to use the word however in case you forget your clicker
one day.
It won’t take him long to understand that the ‘click’ means come for a
treat and a pat off of you. I prefer the ‘click’ to a word as it’s always the
same. It’s clear and concise and does not change with the emotion of the
situation. If you are desperate your tone will change.

Mental stimulation
Safety / good manners; ie return to you when called
A distraction strategy,
A way to keep excitement levels at bay
To keep the emotional state below the point of dis-inhibition (excitement
or aggression).


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