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Volunteers are the life blood of charities and organisations such as ours. We are a not for profit charity and as such we are always screaming out for volunteers to help us out to re-home these wonderful bull terriers. We need volunteers like you for simple tasks such as picking up animals from pounds and airports or completing inspections and checklists for potential homes to more time intensive tasks like caring for abused and injured bull terriers before they move onto their furever homes.

We are also looking for foster carers to look after the bull terriers in our care as we do not have a dedicated pound/shelter. We believe that pounds and shelters are detrimental to the mental health of an animal and also increase the likeliness of animals contracting diseases and other illnesses.   



Adoption Celebrations

Foster of the week

Dear sweet Charlie girl, 

Charlie is amazing with people, loves cuddles, playing, and spending time with her special people. If you are looking for a best mate, Charlie is your girl.

Charlie is a family dog and is an inside dog. She likes outside but prefers to be part of a family.

Charlie is 5 years old and was rescued from a back yard breeder at 18 months old, she was mistreated by other dogs and humans, she has some issues with other animals which is why she feels the need to protect herself...

Charlie is currently not available for adoption - all vert checks and pre adoption checks are in place. 

Current dogs.

Adopt A Bully Rescue      


We are very proud to

announce, Curly has been

officially adopted. 

Beautiful Curly had a very

sad start to life to life, Curly

was rescued in 2018 with

109 other bull terriers in a

raid on a breeding farm in


Even though she lived a

nightmare, she is one of the

sweetest girls you could

meet, whilst she is a little shy and timid, but she is a warm and loving girl. 

Curly loves people and other dogs, she now lives a peaceful life with beautiful people who absolutely adore her. 

Sometimes in life you come across situations that force you to be all you can be, and this fabulous girl is a testament to that, in the face of absolute horror that no living being should endure, she shows us all how amazing this breed can be. She is resilient, loving and most of all happy. 

Enjoy your new life and your freedom dear sweet girl.

Congratulations Curly,,, 



One of our older gentleman to rescue,

beautiful Gav was found as a stray

and no one came for him. 

During his stay at the pound, the

staff there fell in love with his

amazing personality and calm

disposition.  They knew he needed to

find the perfect home. When it seemed

no one wanted the old boy, they called

us and we jumped at the chance to

help him. 

Sweet Gav had some health problems at first but with some TLC and special veterinary care, this old fella has a new lease on life... 

Beautiful Gav is now living a wonderful life and now has a fur sister, another bully terrier, that loves him as though they have been together forever. 

Gav now spends his days in a warm loving home cuddled up with his new family and lazing by the pool, terrible life right..... 

We are so proud of Gaven, we don't know what his life was like before he was found but we can assure that he is very happy now.

Congratulations dear sweet Gav.  


One of the babies of our rescue, little Vinnie had already been around the block a little bit at the tender age of 9 months, his little bully nippy teething stage got the better of his owners and they surrendered him to the pound. 


We got lucky with this little guy, so handsome, so loving and the little nippy stuff is what babies do. 

With time, patience and maturity, this little guy is already making so much head way. 

Vinnie is now the baby of the family and is living a beautiful life going to the beach, playing and getting absolutely smothered in love.

Congratulations Vinnie, you handsome little devil.... 

Foster A Dog 

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Miss Charlie, our big girl came to rescue with some aggression after being mistreated as a puppy and then rescued from a back yard breeder at 18mths. Charlie is a whole lotta dog and needs someone to show her she can be safe. Charlie is a very lovable dog and is great with people now but struggles in the company of other animals.