Who are we?

Teresa Colvin - President

Hi my name is Teresa Colvin, President of AABR and these are my 2 Bully’s Rosie & Alfie.

We got our first bully in 2000, Oscar, he had been ill-treated and it took him a long time to get used to men, living in a house and eating and drinking out of bowls. But he got there in the end and when we emigrated to Australia in 2006 Oscar came with us. In 2013 Oscar went to Rainbow bridge and left a big whole in our lives. We decided we wanted to rescue again and that is how Rosie and Alfie came into our lives. I started following Bull Terrier rescue groups and was asked if I would like to be involved in a new Bully rescue in Qld called Qld Bull Terrier Rescue. I jumped at the chance and became treasurer.
Since then I have been involved with 2 other rescue groups and have enjoyed my time with them. Tracey and I met through Qldbtr and have been friends ever since. We have often talked about starting a rescue of our own but have been content in joining other rescue groups to gain more knowledge. The last rescue we joined is where we encountered Leona and we quickly became friends as we are likeminded people. As time went on we found that we really worked well together and decided to at last start our own rescue.

Tracey Baker - Vice President

Hi my name is Tracey,

My first encounter with this beautiful/clown/loving breed was a white bully called Spike.  As a teenager I was head kennel girl at a Boarding/breeding kennels in the U.K.  Spike was a boarder and was the best behaved dog there.  He just sat leaning against the kennel wall and was so regal and that was that, I was hooked on Bull Terriers for life.

My first bully was a tri-colour called also named Spike.  My obsession grew and I began showing in the U.K.  Spike was pretty successful (bearing in mind in those days Whites predominantly won in the show ring), he gained a 3rd placing in a championship show and was eligible to be shown at Crufts, but sadly never made it due to an Aural Haematoma which affected his showing career at the time.

I emigrated to Australia in 2004 and longed for that Bully love again. Tyke a Brindle/white puppy came into my life.  Tyke joined me at Bull Terrier fun days where he won fancy dress competitions.  I joined Bull Terrier Groups on Facebook one of which was QLD BT Rescue.  I soon became a volunteer where I met Teresa and Dave Colvin.  Teresa and I had a lot of fun at Bull Terrier fun days and rescuing Bullies. My experience grew with the breed and being a Cert IV vet nurse was also a knowledgeable addition to aiding this wonderful breed.

We have always wanted to start our own rescue one day but have been invited to join other rescues, where we met and became friends with Leona.  As our friendship grew, we then knew it was time to start our own rescue and Adopt A Bully was formed. 

Tyke sadly gained his wings in Sept 2015 from renal disease.  Doza, a white bully is my present Baby who is also a rescue dog.

Leona Bird - Treasurer/Secretary

Hi I am Leona, I have been involved with Bull Terriers for over 30 years.

These children of the dog world have brought me many joys over the years.

I started my show career with Bull Terriers in the very early nineties, that was some of the most enjoyable times, my children even participated in junior handlers. They were the good days & happy days but there were sad times as well, I lost a great dog, after having to take him to Sydney University where he tested positive for Polycystic Kidney Disease, sadly the Bull Terrier world lost a lot of great dogs back then.

Dogs have always been a big part of my life, I currently own 4 personal dogs, 2 Bull Terriers, a Staffy and a Great Dane x Neo. Whilst most would say 4 is plenty, I currently have 5 foster dogs as well, 3 Bull Terriers, a Mixed Breed and a Kelpie. During my 6 years with being involved in Bull Terrier rescues, I have had over 60 foster dogs in my care. In the last 12 months I have branched out to help some of the "all breeds" rescues as well with fostering and transport. I put a lot of time and effort in to dogs and cater to each as an individual for their special needs. I have a special love caring for the deaf, aged and those with chronic, and fearful conditions.

Outside of Rescue, I work full time, I have my own business as a hairdresser, I have a Hubby, and 2 adult children.

*Rescue dogs are truly amazing, they have the ability to forgive, let go of their past, and live everyday as if it were their last.*

David Colvin - Board Member

My name is David and I have loved Bully’s since I was a young lad.

Oscar was our first Bully, He was white with 2 black ears and a small black patch on his right eye. He was an extremely destructive young man, when we first went to meet him he was surrounded by shredded newspaper, living in England he would always eat the mail as it came through front door and he even ate the bottom step of your stairs. After moving to Australia we stayed with my brother while looking for a house of our own where Oscar had to be an outside dog. He didn’t like this and so he chewed a hole in the pool fencing so he could try to get back inside and be with his family. He eventually calmed down with age but unfortunately nothing lasts for ever and he eventually passed but he paved the way for our love for bull terriers, now we just can’t stop!

I first became involved with Rescue when my wife Teresa was on the board of Qld Bull Terrier Rescue. Since then we have enjoyed having numerous foster dogs come and go, our most memorable being Titan. He came to us at the age of 3 months with no fur and red raw skin. We gave him all the TLC he needed to transform from having no fur to being a healthy happy bully and it was great to see him go to his new home in Victoria.

Malcolm Bird - Board Member

My name is Malcolm Bird and I’m Leona’s Husband

Currently Service Manager at Jayco, Yamaha Dubbo, Originally from Gawler SA.

I have always been involved in motorsport, doing the NSW and ARB Championships, racing off road has always been a passion, with my wife as my navigator.

Moved to Dubbo over 20 years ago, met and married Leona.  We have built our property to suit rescue animals, we currently have dogs, cats, horses and chickens, plus we also cater for the native wildlife.


I have always been a 1 dog type of person, however Leona’s passion for rescue and the bull terrier breed has rubbed off on me. I am always happy to help a bully in need no matter the task, we do help other breeds as well, as I have a love for all dogs. I am keen to share the duties of Building Kennels, Transport, Feeding, general maintenance and the all-important poo patrol.

As with Motorsport, animal welfare takes time and patience, understanding and commitment, to get a positive result

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