Who are we?

Leona Bird - Treasurer

Hi I am Leona, I have been involved with Bull Terriers for over 30 years.

These children of the dog world have brought me many joys over the years.

I started my show career with Bull Terriers in the very early nineties, that was some of the most enjoyable times, my children even participated in junior handlers. They were the good days & happy days but there were sad times as well, I lost a great dog, after having to take him to Sydney University where he tested positive for Polycystic Kidney Disease, sadly the Bull Terrier world lost a lot of great dogs back then.

Dogs have always been a big part of my life, I currently own 4 personal dogs, 2 Bull Terriers, a Staffy and a Great Dane x Neo. Whilst most would say 4 is plenty, I currently have 5 foster dogs as well, 3 Bull Terriers, a Mixed Breed and a Kelpie. During my 6 years with being involved in Bull Terrier rescues, I have had over 60 foster dogs in my care. In the last 12 months I have branched out to help some of the "all breeds" rescues as well with fostering and transport. I put a lot of time and effort in to dogs and cater to each as an individual for their special needs. I have a special love caring for the deaf, aged and those with chronic, and fearful conditions.

Outside of Rescue, I work full time, I have my own business as a hairdresser, I have a Hubby, and 2 adult children.

*Rescue dogs are truly amazing, they have the ability to forgive, let go of their past, and live everyday as if it were their last.*

Malcolm Bird - Board Member

My name is Malcolm Bird and I’m Leona’s Husband

Currently Service Manager at Jayco, Yamaha Dubbo, Originally from Gawler SA.

I have always been involved in motorsport, doing the NSW and ARB Championships, racing off road has always been a passion, with my wife as my navigator.

Moved to Dubbo over 20 years ago, met and married Leona.  We have built our property to suit rescue animals, we currently have dogs, cats, horses and chickens, plus we also cater for the native wildlife.


I have always been a 1 dog type of person, however Leona’s passion for rescue and the bull terrier breed has rubbed off on me. I am always happy to help a bully in need no matter the task, we do help other breeds as well, as I have a love for all dogs. I am keen to share the duties of Building Kennels, Transport, Feeding, general maintenance and the all-important poo patrol.

As with Motorsport, animal welfare takes time and patience, understanding and commitment, to get a positive result

Donna Nicholson - Secretary

Damen Pearson - Board member

G'day, I'm Donna, 

I owned my first Bull Terrier (Lady) in my early 20's who was a rescue of sorts, she came to us as a rehome. I will never forget the first time I laid eyes on her, she had the biggest knuckle head I had ever seen, big girl that turned heads everywhere she went, I was so proud. 

With my new found love of the breed, I was hooked, she was one of the best dogs I ever owned, then one day, many years later, she was just gone, I have no idea what happened, she was no where to be found, one of my saddest time ever.

After lady disappeared, I took in dogs that no one wanted, always searching for Lady.

I have always been a fighter for the rights of animals, all animals, never turning my back on any of them.

When my oldest boy (Theo, a rescue from AWL) went to live with my daughter, or should I say claimed when they moved out, lol, I decided that I was going to have my dream dog again and that's when we got Bobby and soon after, her sister Pearl.

We spent time showing them, attained AUS CH. then realised showing wasn't really for us, we wanted to do fun stuff with them instead, they are our babies. 

I spent a lot of spare time fundraising for causes that would come my way and I wanted to help more dogs and by chance, that is when I was approached to be a part of the adopt a bully team. I jumped at the opportunity. 

It is so rewarding to work with these wonderful dogs and being part of a team that wants nothing more than to help those most in need and the most vulnerable, I am truly blessed. 

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