Success Stories

Brutus is officially adopted! More details coming soon!

Successful Story <3
Remember Spike - - WELL He will no longer be up for adoption :)Adopt A Bully Rescue have been working closely along side with his previous owner for weeks now and we are happy to announce that his issues have been resolved and he is now staying with his owner - YAY just goes to show that not all dogs need to be surrendered and rescue are always happy to help out where possible <3

Ruby went on a long road trip from NSW to Queensland to be with her new mum Sue.

Sue was delighted to welcome Ruby into her home and Ruby just couldn’t wait to have snuggles on the couch.  Ruby is now enjoying life and being spoilt rotten.

AABR would like to say a big Thank you to Sue for giving Ruby the loving home she deserves.

Ruckus, now George, has won the hearts of his foster carers Liz and Damian. He is now officially a foster fail. George loves his fur sister Lola, they get on so well that Liz decided he just had to become part of the family.

AABR would like to say a big thank you to Liz & Damian for giving George a loving home