Q. What are the requirements needed to become a Foster Carer?

A. Please see at our foster page

Q. What cost are there involved with being a Foster Carer?

A. None, Rescue will pay for all the foster dog’s needs.

Q. How long does it take to find homes?

A. It is hard to say, as we need to find the right home, this can take days or even months.

Q. How do I apply to become a Foster carer?

A. Please fill out a foster form through our foster page.

Q. How do I adopt a dog?

A. Please fill out a adoption form through our adoptions page.

Q. Do you do interstate adoptions?

A. Yes

Q. Does Adopt A Bully Rescue cover the cost of transporting an adopted dog interstate?

A. No they do not, this will be down to the new owners

Q. Why do you charge an adoption fee?

A. AABR is a not for profit rescue. All proceeds of adoption fees, donations and our online store along will ALL of our funds raised go towards feeding, worming, flea treatment, vaccinations, spaying, neutering and any other required veterinary treatment, kennelling, food, bed, toys, collar, leads etc. that your adopted dog had whilst waiting to be adopted, The time, phone calls, and petrol, involved in networking, home checking, and transporting were given freely by the rescue volunteers. In most cases the the adoption fees charged do not cover the amount spent on the dogs to prepare them for their furever homes.

Q. Are all your dogs desexed?

A. YES all of our adoptable dogs have been desexed. 

Q. Why do you desex the dogs?

A. We are adamantly against the practice of backyard breeding and there are already too many animals in rescues and pounds, we feel it is in the best interests of the dog and the breed to desex the animal before it leaves our care to minimise the backyard breeding as much as possible leading to less animals in the pounds and rescues . 

Q. Do you have any puppies in rescue?

A. We very rarely get puppies in.

Q. How can I donate?

A. You can purchase something from our shop! All proceeds go straight to the rescue!
Alternatively you can donate to our bank, details are:

Adopt A Bully Rescue.Inc

Bank: Common Wealth

ACC: 10665764

BSB 062534

Or Paypal: aabrescue.inc@gmail.com

Q. Are donations tax deductible?

A. Yes, all donation over $2 is tax deductible just email us for a receipt  

Q. What items can I donate to rescue?

A. Bedding, collars, leads, toys, dog coats etc.

Q. Where do I send items I want to donate?

A. Please email rescue at aabrescue.inc@gmail.com 

Q. Would you be able to help me re-home my dog?

A. Yes, If you are able to keep your dog till we find a home.

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